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The 400 Facebook Likes Giveaway!


A Blog Abroad hit 400 likes on Facebook! To celebrate that, and summer, we’re doing a K-Pop Summer Fan giveaway!

You’ve got 24 hours left! Some of these fans have only one or two applications, so it’s totally worth trying for them! :D

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The 400 Facebook Likes Giveaway!

A Blog Abroad hit 400 likes on Facebook! To celebrate that, and summer, we’re doing a K-Pop Summer Fan giveaway!


Hello everyone!

So with things heating up here in South Korea, I’m getting quite the collection of summery idol goods! So we’re going to do a giveaway!

Once A Blog Abroad hits 400 followers on Facebook, we’ll be having a “Biggest Fan” giveaway. (PS - that’s a hint of what the goods are) Kiss Mes and Cross Gene Fans, you’ll want to be paying attention! ;) Other fandoms, keep following, because I’ll be trying to pick up a few more things before the give away.

A Blog Abroad on Facebook!


Today (July 7th) was Cross Gene’s first fan sign! Terada Takuya has been floating in the background of all my fandoms ever since I’ve ever been into fandom, first as a friend and theatre buddy of my favourite theatre actors in Japan, and now being the leader of a k-pop group here, so I had to show some support!

The fan sign was at the Mokdong Hyundai Department store in the Bandi & Lundi bookstore. Not my favourite location, because it’s essentially in a hall, but whatever.

I’ve gone to a few fan signs, mostly for U-Kiss, so I thought I would be pretty cool headed. But no. The six of them came out, and I saw Takuya, and I was suddenly reminded of all my fandom stuff from back in Japan and how much he reminded me of everything I liked and I was all light headed and excited.

I was #29, and the hallway is really narrow, so I couldn’t see much of anything until I was right up at the table. Yongseok was first at the table, which was awesome and intimidating because he’s gorgeous and I forgot how to breathe for a moment, but that’s okay because he was totally sweet and didn’t seem surprised at all to have a foreign fan in front of him. He asked me my name (and I totally took the opportunity to lean in to help him spell it (GAAAAH HE SMELLS SO GOOD.)) Then he told me my name was really pretty and he liked it a lot, and that I was pretty. I gushed.

Oh, and this was all in English. I was really surprised because comfort in English is not a common thing in these fan signs. My whiteness usually causes panic, so this was a welcome change.

Next one up was Takuya. We said hi to each other in Korean, he said hello brightly, and then I gushed out a greeting in Japanese. He seemed really happy and surprised to see that I could speak Japanese, but there was no time to speak beyond that. My mind was a total buzz though.

Next was JG, and I hardly remember much of him, because my head was a buzz, and because he didn’t stand out too much. The basic greeting was in English though, again, which was once again really surprising. He also commented on my name. I guess people aren’t too used to the name Rebecca, because he said that he thought it was really pretty too.

After that was Sangmin. We said hello in Korean, then in English. I told him happy birthday, and he seemed surprised that I remembered it was his birthday. By this point, I was getting rushed along by the staff, but the guys didn’t seem to care. ^_^

Next up was Casper! Someone in the line told me his English was good, but I was still REALLY surprised at his English. Literally, we talked for a moment and I blurted out “WOW, your English is good!” and then he got all bashful and hot. Before the staff could rush me on, I asked him if he could sign my T-Money card of him, and he was super obliging. Despite the fact staff were like “RAWR NO.” I always like it when the idols are like “How about no I love the fans not you.”

Last up was Shin. Shin was ADORABLE and quite excited to talk to me. He asked me if I spoke to Korean and I was like “I speak a little~” So then he spoke to me in English and was like “HI I’M SHIN!” and then signed my CD and he was really good looking so I was happy.

Then the staff ushered me along, and I ended up flailing for about 10 minutes because I couldn’t believe how adorable they were.



Fan Chant – Cross Gene “La-Di-Da-Di”

The fan chant for the debut single for the inter-Asian k-pop group, Cross Gene!